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Buying Guide For The Best Youth Baseball Glove

Best Youth Baseball Glove

As you know, to identify the best baseball glove for youth is a confusing and arduous task. Apart from the glove proliferation over the last decade, there are so many patterns, sizes and other factors for your consideration.

Therefore, if you go to market without any knowledge of baseball gloves for kids, the above factors will guarantee that you go home with empty hands. Though the time that you waste is important, it presents you with a sad feeling that you maysee on your young face that, at all costs, ought to be avoided.

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How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Glove- Buying Guide

In this article, we will examine the main factors that will help you choose the best baseball glove for youth.


To purchase a correct size glove, you must measure to know what size your hand is. To do this, you must measure the distance betweenthe bottom of the hand andthe top of the index finger. As you can imagine, different players needdifferent sizes of baseball gloves for young people. Nevertheless, for most of 6 to 15 year-old baseball players whose gloves are normally long from 9 to 12 inches.


If you have just started playing baseball game, it is not advisable to spent extra money on a glove for specific position. Once you have gone through the beginning time which means things have become competitive, you could find for a specific position glove.

In general, outfielders usually wear slightly larger gloves because they must catch skiers and stand on strong balls. Infielders must throw the ball to the base plate repeatedly to get the attacker, this the reason for which their glove is generally shorter.


There is a universal rule on padding: the more a field player reach the batsman, the more he needs padding on the gloves. In light of this regulation, infielders require heavy padded glove, while outfielders typically want a lightly padded one.


Before shedding light on the glove OMC, we must not forget one thing: never choose for youth leagues a plastic glove. Besides being less costly and uncomfortable, these gloves are primarily designed for infants’ “playing time.” Therefore, you should avoid them.

Speaking of the best baseball glove for youngsters, almost all are leather. You can find variety types of leather that range from full grain to top grain and high quality leather. While high quality leather gloves require the least amount of time, they are one of the most durable type of gloves.


Speaking of straps, there are typically two types: closed and open. Generally speaking, the outfielders and the third baseman will prefer open straps because they allow players to more easily see through the airborne ball. For the infield player, as they have to stop the ball that flies to them, they prefer the open straps.

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