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Easton FS3 Composite Fast-pitch softball bat review

As an industry leader, Easton knows really well how to create the bat that can meet requirements and expectations from players. In the field of fast pitch softball bat, the Easton FS3 composite bat is rated as the most successful bat from Easton. It has received plenty of compliments for its performance and comfort. An insightful look onto this product will help you understand its hype and decide if it is the best softball bat for you or not.

Easton FS3 Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat

Construction and size

Easton FS3 is a 100% composite two-piece bat. Because of high quality composite material, durability is not a concern for this bat, it could last for several season and still maintains consistent high performance.

This Easton fastpitch bat has 2 ¼ inches barrel, -12 drop and balanced weight distribution, so it could fit and bring comfort while swinging for most of players. Regarding length and weight, the FS3 is available in many sizes, so every fast pitch softball players could find their suitable size. Continue reading Easton FS3 Composite Fast-pitch softball bat review

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