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Swing analyzer 3Bays GSA reviews

Discover our new innovative product, Analyzer swing 3Bays GSA PRO, the jewel of technology and easy to use; it allows you to view and analyze your swing in a fast and highly accurate!

best golf swing analyzer

The 3BaysGSA ™ has an innovative technology that has been developed by a renowned scientist working in collaboration with the University of Science and Technology Hong Kong.

The 3BaysGSA ™ is a simple device to use. Simply insert the end of the grip. After making the swing, the information is immediately transmitted to a Smartphone/iPhone and Android type connected to the Bluetooth device. The results appear on your iPhone, Ipad or Android compatible (Galaxy etc.). This device is available in 2 different versions: for Android devices, and I phone, Ipod Touch and Ipad the device can record the swing motion and sends the information directly to the smartphone through its application GSA Pro. It is thus possible to compare each reference swing with a swing.

The 3BaysGSA ™ captures data about 10,000 per swing. It is thus possible to immediately review the swing, the speed of the club head, the tempo, the theoretical distance of the ball and other important parameters.

All swing parameters are very accurate in 3BaysGSA ™, which can be compared to the best golf swing analyzer (click to see the golf swing analyzer reviews and comparison)


  • Size (W x H): Android / 29.3 x 16 mm (Including pin) 
 I Phone / 29.3 x 41 mm (including pin)
  • Weight: 9.7 g
  • Length: More than 4 hours
  • Bluetooth: ver 2.1 + EDR
  • USB Port: Micro USB (for recharging)
  • Compatible Devices: Android Smartphones / tablet (2.2 and higher) / I phone, Ipad, Ipod Touch.

Parameters analyzed on the application:

best golf swing analyzer

1)    Coherence

Compare each swing played with the best swing or whatever the pro said reference swing and shows the repetition of execution (in %) of each swing.

2)    Club head speed

Gives the speed at which the club head comes at a time of striking the ball. This is a general indication showing the performance of swing. It is a means for determining the choice of the flexible shaft.

3)    Rhythm

Indicates the pace (in ratio) of the swing speed, rising from the descent (back swing / down swing). A ratio of 4: 1 means that the back swing is 4 times slower than the downswing.

4)    Down (Down Swing Time)

Specifies the time that the club head takes to go from the top of the climb until impact.

5)    Strength of impact

The impact force present amounting to force kg at the time of the strike. The higher the number, the higher the ball striking is powerful. This can be a good indication for the short game.

6) Ball speed attainable

This indicates the theoretical speed of the ball when it comes out of the club head after the impact.

7) Plan Swing

There are 3 types plans:

Square – the club is online or square from the online game Combined with a square club face, the shot will be right.

Outside – the club returns from the outside about the line of play.

Inside – club returns from the inside on the line of play.

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