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Easton FS3 Composite Fast-pitch softball bat review

As an industry leader, Easton knows really well how to create the bat that can meet requirements and expectations from players. In the field of fast pitch softball bat, the Easton FS3 composite bat is rated as the most successful bat from Easton. It has received plenty of compliments for its performance and comfort. An insightful look onto this product will help you understand its hype and decide if it is the best softball bat for you or not.

Easton FS3 Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat

Construction and size

Easton FS3 is a 100% composite two-piece bat. Because of high quality composite material, durability is not a concern for this bat, it could last for several season and still maintains consistent high performance.

This Easton fastpitch bat has 2 ¼ inches barrel, -12 drop and balanced weight distribution, so it could fit and bring comfort while swinging for most of players. Regarding length and weight, the FS3 is available in many sizes, so every fast pitch softball players could find their suitable size.


The two aspects of Easton FS3 that people praised for are comfort and non-vibration. And they are attributed to many cutting edge technologies that Easton used.

Firstly, the composite material of FS3 is IMX Advanced Composite. This is a new generation high quality composite that could provide large sweet spot for the bat.

Secondly, most of people are afraid of vibration when talking about two-piece bat. However, Easton has used a special technology called CXN Zero Technology at the joint point of the barrel and handle. This technology could eliminate all vibration that players wouldn’t feel any sting after swinging.

Furthermore, the well-known Hyperskin grip would bring a firm yet comfortable grasp for all players. This comfort plays an important role in strengthening and boosting players’ confidence on the field.

Besides comfort and non-vibration, Easton FS3 also offers the top notch swing speed and power. Together with the ideal -12 drops, the weight distribution of FS3 is so great that it could help players significantly fasten swing speed and keep powerful swing at the same time.

League approval

fastpitch softball bat

Easton FS3 fast pitch bat is allowed to use by USSSA, ISF, ISA, NSA, SSUSA and ASA. Therefore, you can use this bat in nearly all major leagues.

Who could fit Easton FS3

Easton FS3 has universal size and amazing performance, so it would fit most of players. For any fast pitch softball players who want a bat that can help themimprove their performance, Easton FS3 is one of the ideal choices.


There is barely any negative opinion on quality of Easton FS3. If we have to pick 1 drawback of this product, it should be price. Easton FS3’s retail price is from 150 to 170 USD. It’s definitely on the high side of average price but it’s not unreasonably high; and the top-notch quality makes FS3 worth the price.

There are some other weaknesses but they are minor ones.As a composite bat, Easton FS3 needs break-in period. Besides, there are not many color options for different tastes.

In conclusion, Easton FS3 is a great fast pitch softball bat that could fit most of players. If you are looking for a high quality bat, you should give FS3 a try and it won’t disappoint you.

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