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Golf Rangefinders Pros and Cons

If you want to know the distance to the flag of their position in the open space, a golf rangefinder will do the job as well as a professional caddy, at least in most cases. There are two types of rangefinders, GPS devices, and laser devices. Both have advantages and disadvantages. A GPS device maps golf courses in the same way the GPS in your car maps a city or neighborhood. The best laser rangefinder picks up signals from an object such as the flagstick, to calculate the distance from your ball to the pin.

Laser Range Finder Benefits

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As Brian James of Laser Golf Rangefinder said, laser rangefinders “excel in one important thing: provide accurate measurements of the flag.” If you have a clear line of sight to the pin and wants to know the exact distance to the flag, lasers “are consistently more accurate than the best GPS units”. This is especially useful for the best players. They need to know, for example, if you have 151 meters to the pin instead of 147 yards. Because the laser can measure the distance to any object that reflects the beam of light, but also gives precise distances to trees, hills, hazards and the edges of the bunkers.

Drawback of Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you can not see the flag of their position in the open space, a laser rangefinder will not work, because the laser beam can not block it. You also do not get the kind of overview of a golf hole a GPS rangefinder gives you with its ability to aerial mapping. This is a severe disadvantage if you are playing an unknown course. Moreover, as the notes field equipment critical review site, you have to keep constant rangefinders for accurate readings laser, and it takes a little practice to learn to do it consistently.

Advantages GPS Range Finder

GPS rangefinders give you a better overview of all holes of golf, which allows you to view the best places to hit the unit or layup short of the green. Some GPS devices have color screens that give measurements at any point in the hole. You get the measurements to the front, center and back of each green. Golf as critical states, a GPS device is particularly easy to use. If your hands tremble or if it is raining or foggy, you may have trouble opening a laser rangefinder on the flagstick or another object that you are targeting. No such problems with a GPS device.

GPS Range Finder Disadvantages

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Besides being less accurate than laser rangefinders, GPS devices must have assigned the course you’re playing. Leading manufacturers of GPS devices have allocated 10,000 or more courses. Still, you may need to download course maps to your GPS device. Rangefinder Some companies charge an annual fee for such downloads. GPS devices do not work in practice fields, which are not allocated, so you can not use them to measure how far you’re hitting different clubs when you practice.

Smartphone are already allowed as distance measuring devices

On 1 January 2014 has entered into force a significant change in the rules of golf: the authorization of the iPhone and other smartphones as distance measuring devices in the competition.

This positive change resolves a problem that was causing a lot of controversy and confusion. They carry golf clubs since 2006 allowing the distance measuring devices in their local rules. Most of them, in addition to the GPS and laser range finders, also authorized applications for iPhone with GPS. However, in 2012 the R & A said that he is not allowed to use the iPhone as a distance measuring device for carrying built-in compass and weather forecast. But now they have released two decisions (14-3 / 4 and 14-3 / 18) for the first time, they allow these two functions and make legal the use of iPhone to measure distances. This authorization is subject to the condition that the club allows the use of distance measuring devices in the local rules. However, the iPhone should not take any other installed application that provides assistance not allowed, for example, an indicator of wind speed. Note: Many GPS apps offer advice on golf club selection and, therefore, remain prohibited. “Expert Golf” is a notable exception recommended by Apple, which perfectly complies with the rules of golf.

This amendment to the rules shows that the R & A and the USGA know evolve with the times and take into account the new requirements and new technologies in their decisions. The R & A did not mention the role played by Yves C. Ton-That, referee and author of the global best-seller “Rules of Golf, the essential” in this new resolution. Ton-That, the creator of “Expert Golf” one of the most popular applications golf, had insisted again and again before the bodies of golf that neither compass nor the weather forecast assumed an unfair advantage to the player, in his intense campaign by a change of rules in line with modern requirements.

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