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How To Choose A Best Softball Bat

How To Choose A Best Softball Bat

To buy a fastpitch or slowpitch softball bat asks knowledge of the player serving and some know-how consumer.

Below are instructions for your reference or you can visit to understand deeply how to choose the best softball bats.

best softball bats


  • Buy a softball bat depend on weight, length and experience of softball players. Over the dough is larger. This permit the better player is driving the ball.
  • Buy a properly weighted bat. Try holding the bat by your side, with your weaker hand. You can control it for arround 30 seconds.
  • Try to swing the bat. An evaluation of weight is for you to hear the sound of the wind. If you can’t, the bat maybe too heavy.
  • Looking for a bat of the bottle. This is a softball bat made with the maximum thickness permitted. A semi bat bottle is a sharper and is used for stronger player.
  • Address the bullets used in the cage before buying softball bats. Harder balls used in batting cages dent some bats.
  • Expect to pay between $ 40and $ 300 for a fastpitch or slowpitch softball bat. Shop for the good prices because they differ greatly.
  • Buy a bat to start; this is enough.

How To Fake A Softball Bat

Independent studies of the Washington State University and Brown University found that balls hit by fake travel bats were farther and faster than the great success not tampered bats. This advantage – although illegal more organized softball leagues – can be used in rec leagues and exhibition games to increase the power of a hitter.

Tips for Increasing Fastpitch Pitching Speed



  • Place your bat between your legs with the barrel up. Hold with your knees.
  • Remove the cap from your softball bat. You may need to use pliers or a screwdriver to remove the cap because they are firmly attached to the plant.
  • Sand down the barrel to clear the inside wall of the bat. You can sand by hand, which will give you better control over the amount of material being removed, or use an electric sander. Do not remove too much as this will weaken the bat structure.
  • Polyurethane Pour plastic compound into the open end of the cap. You can also use any material that is hard and heavy, like a cast. Allow the plug to dry completely before proceeding.
  • Paint a thin layer of glue on the outer circumference of the tip.
  • Place the tip at the end of the bat. If the fit is too loose, add a thick layer of glue until the plug fits snugly in place. Let dry.
  • Weigh the bat and compared the new weight to the old weight. The two fats should be similar, but the weight distribution is now different.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you shave inside the Canon, your goal should be to remove only 0.5 to 2 ounces of the bat. This weight is effectively replaced by the polyurethane compound added during the end loading process.
  • Bats Softball composites and aluminum can be faked. The procedure is the same for both.
  • Bat rigging practices on older models are cheaper, to perfect your technique before rigging a more expensive bat.
  • Commercial Bat palliative services are available. These companies typically use a turn to remove the same layers of the inner wall of the bat during the shaving process.

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