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Following the development of the car industry, many things need to equip for your car to increase the safety and convenience while driving beside the best car speakers for bass or the modern air conditioner in a car. There are some exciting and useful spare parts helping your driving experience more interesting and safer than ever.

1. Antigravity Battery – the super light battery of accumulators

With a small size fit your pocket, Antigravity Battery can charge power even for iPad and your car. You can completely feel secure in a far distance because this device can charge all model cars from 50cc to 8V truck when being a low battery in many times. The parts are attached including a mini bag, wires, a charging wire, 8 pitching laptop heads, USB and mobile phone charging wire.

2. Blind Spot Mirror

All drivers feel the standard mirror not helping their back observation when changing land or parallel parking. About 76% customers said the developing mirror makes them feel much confident while driving. Besides, the extra detail can not affect to their general vision.

3. Drop Stop

“Bermuda triangle” is the space between the front chairs and the under space can be kept the small things as cell phones, wallets, even food and it is difficult to take them out. Drop Stop will help you to prevent this problem by fill up space.

4. Heininger’s DashGrip – dropping of slippery sticker

This product helps you fix these small things like mobile phone, key, and eyes glass. You can comfortably drive without any crushing in the hard terrain. The small Leininger’s DashGrip is not only neat and small but also convenient with easily moving without any trace.

5. Ozium Air Freshener – getting rid of bad smell gel

Rejecting immediately the paint smell in the car and giving you a relaxing holiday. It can not flow in high temperature and keep the fragrant smell for a long time.

6. Fix A Flat – pumping tires in a second

The tap head suits for any car tires. It is also neat, comfortable and easy to use.

7. Tekton’s Digital Tire Gauge – a measuring pressure tire device

The tire pressure is the most important element affect to the car control. This device helps you easily to control the current pressure. A plus point is a light on the head of the device support the drivers at night.

8. Resume’s Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker – the supporting to get out of danger device

It helps people cut the lifeline and break the glass to exit in dangerous circumstances.

9. Mow’s Steamboat FM Transmitter – the wireless Bluetooth

This thing feels you relax to listening to music and receiving a call without any setting up while driving. Receiving the stable FM signal with updating CVC technology (Clear Voice Capture) decreasing the echo from voice and max cutting the noise.

10.WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion- a super smooth lining bed for chair

Making by a premium gel, this product will bring you a comfortable feeling not only owning a strong plastic but also creating a clearance with a special structure and suitable for any weight or any stature.

11.TravelMate’s Memory Foam Neck Pillow- a neck pillow

Your painful feeling will be decreased in a traffic jam by this product. It can keep the temperature helping you relax your neck, concurrently the shaping foam material brings you a comfortable feeling.

12.ArmorAll’s Wet/Dry Vacuum- the surface vacuum cleaner.

It can clear both wet and dry part. Now, you have no concern to potato pieces or the dirty drink in your car.

13.High Road’s Leakproof Litter Basket- the convenient basket

You can collect all litter into one place being a clear empty place for your car. The end of the basket is designed non-dripping to keep the dirty liquid far away from the bed and carpet.

14.Broadway’s 400-millimeter Type A Rear View Mirror- a large corner looking forward mirror.

The product is designed for you to observe with many fold times in an expanding corner equal to the normal mirrors. It can be easy to equip on the front mirror or taking out quickly.

15.Rain-X- improving your sight in the rain

When you use this product clean the surface of the mirror before going, it will be down the sticking of the rain into the mirror, then improving your sight in the bad weather. It even rejects the dew, the snow, the mud, or the insect picking up your mirror.

16.OxGord’s Rubber Floor Mats- the rubber foot carpet

With 100% rubber material, non-absorbing water, easy completely cleaning saves much time to clean your car.

17.iOttie’s Car Mount- the mobile hang

This hang is smart, safe, and very flexible. It is designed with a new key guaranteeing tightly can use on any surface. This product provides a controlling hand adjust increasingly 2 inches for you to use in all different positions. The sticking of its leg is tight just only cleaning by warm water and dry it and use again.

18.AAA’s 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit- a safeguard set in emergency

This product includes all the most necessary things for you in emergency case bring a safe and comfortable trip as a bag with zigzag, an immediately caring car notebook, a charging source wire, flash lamp, battery, rain jacket, safe jacket, bandage, nail, fast first aid set.

19.Honey-Can-Do’s Trunk Organizer- the equipment bag

The size of the product is 65cmx33.5cmx33cm being tightly designed to carry out heavy things with many smaller drawers for each different device.

20.Leather Honey- protecting your leather chair

You just use one time for six months. The liquid will absorb deeply to the leather to protect the new leather and making young the old one. Making smoothly, keeping the damp and improving the flexible feature leave a light for the leather. It is also non-poison, non-sticking, and non-silicone.

All things will seem necessary for your car. However, you need not buy all of them for your car. You have many ways to protect your car without costing much money to buy these things.

I am Leroy Simmons and I protect my car in my own way.

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