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Tips To Catch A Ball With Your Softball Glove


Catching softball in the right way will help you get rid of the embarrassment of dropping the ball and making mistakes, and it will promptly put you on the right track to become a good field player. This is a matter of ordinary sense and there are some tricks that will help you unhook the ball in the softball glove more easily.

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Moving Your Feet

Do not sit and expect the ball to fly towards you. You want to control the ball actively, right?  When you play infield and to get ready for the ball pitched from the pitcher, accrue your weight to the balls of your feet so that you are willing to go left, right, or get out. When you play in outside field, slightly angle your body towards the home plate in order to be ready to move easily. Then, move to the ball when hitting it.

Positioning softball glove

If you see that the ball is coming in at or below waist level, turn your softball glove upwards with the palm pointing towards the sky. Turn your softball glove with palm facing down if you want to catch a ball flying above waist level. These movements will not only help you to catch the ball but also prevent injuries happening to you. For instance, if the palm of your softball glove is being turned upward when a hard-line reader or a hopper is coming towards you at the shoulders, the ball may jump out of the your soft glove and hit you in the face or overfly you.

Attach the ball with both hands

Catching a ball with two hands is one of the first lessons players are taught when they put on a softball glove and join their initial softball game. When the ball hits your softball glove at the palm, swiftly close your hand, then cover the ball by your pitching hand. To balls that are threw hard and fly with a lot of twist, using throwing hand can help you to catch the ball more successfully and avoid making mistakes.

How to Break in a Softball Glove?

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If you’re just joining a softball team, or you’ve just purchased a new softball glove. . . You know how hard it is to catch – even the slowest of throws – when your glove is harder than a rock. Follow below steps to loosen up the new softball glove and have the ability to catch whatever comes your way!

Step 1 – Play ball with a friend, relative or other. This activity allows you to get use to the stiffness of the glove, and it loosens the top.

Step 2 – While you are not using it, put a softball inside the gloves and then put an (Ace) elastic bandage or a rubber band around it to shape it. It will form a “pocket” in the softball glove that is just made to catch and hold the ball. It will take a few days of this packaging technique for the pocket to become permanent. Step 5 allows this process.

Step 3 – Press this glove! Every coach always says this and it works. When catching bullets, tighten the softball glove to loosen and soften it. Please do not press the glove before the ball is there. Wait for the balloon to enter the glove pocket, then squeeze. If you press it too early, the ball will bounce off the glove and find it elsewhere.

Step 4 – Have a team receiver use your softball glove to catch pitches. Whichever age group you are, just have the catcher use your softball glove in place of a catcher glove. Since the receiver is the one who gets the ball thrown at a lot of times – and really tough throws – the glove will be broken in no time.

Step 5 – Oil your softball glove. In some sports stores you can find softball oil. It is best to oil at least a day before you will use it. Just palm oil and pocket the glove box. The fingers work best when they are straight and a little stiff.

Step 6 – Get a kit that will help you break into your glove box. In sports shops you can find a kit that comes with tools and directions.

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