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Top coolest baseball cleats

Nowadays, while most of baseball cleat manufacturers are pouring their money and effort into research and development to bring new amazing features as well as high quality, customers are paying attention not only at quality but also design of the cleats. Therefore, there are more and more cleats that have both top quality and impressive design in the market. Here are the top 3 coolest baseball cleats in the market.

Nike Lunar Trout 2

If you are looking for a pair of baseball cleats with captivating look, Nike Lunar Trout 2 is the best answer. Its overall design is very stylish, classy yet still has youthful feel. Besides, there are many color options for different personal tastes.

If you prefer simple color, there are black/grey/red/blue options; if you want something more outstanding, there is no better choice than the “Rainbow Trout” which features a spectrum of colorful accents. The gradient color effect together with Nike logo bring the feel that the cleats would be very good at improving player’s speed. And it really is; the Nike Lunar Trout 2 could give amazing speed and traction thanks to light weight and the 9-cleat bottom. In term of comfort, it also doesn’t lack to other competitors. The midsole is cushioned with Lunarlon foam which is a system that could distribute the impact evenly and reduce shock effectively.

Adidas PowerAlley 4

If you prefer strong and sporty look, you should take a look at the Adidas PowerAlley 4. The coolest aspect of this Adidas PowerAlley 4 is the personalization option. It means that you can create your own Adidas PowerAlley 4 with special and unique look. Adidas allows customers to choose from different colors options for many parts of the cleats. Besides, custom logo or printed graphic are also available. Aside from design, the Adidas PowerAlley 4 also has many amazing features such as light weight and good comfort thanks to a great combination of many technologies such as LiteStrike EVA midsole, IRONSKIN toe overlay, Pearlized PROTRAX 5×3 cleat. This cleat is recommended for power hitter.

Nike Men’s Jordan 12 Retro MCS Cleats

Many people claim that the Nike Men’s Jordan 12 Retro MCS is the coolest baseball cleat in the market and it’s hard to deny that. If you don’t pay attention to the spikes, it looks totally like other trendy and stylish Nike shoes that many people are wearing on daily basic. Besides, the Jordan 12 Retro MCS also has good performance and has received numerous praises. Normal baseball cleats have about 8-9 spikes but this model has 12 spikes, so traction is increased to maximum level. Besides, you don’t have to worry about its durability thanks to synthetic leather. On top of that, the Jordan 12 Retro MCS only costs less than 100 USD, so this is a great deal for people who are looking for an affordable and cool baseball bats.

These above 3 models of baseball cleats have the coolest design and also satisfactory performance (including comfort, durability, traction…). If you want a stylish and impressive pair of baseball cleats, these 3 are good suggestions. However, it’s recommended to prioritize quality over look when buying baseball cleats because the comfort, safety of feet and overall performance are always the most important.

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