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Why good running shoes are needed for plantar fasciitis?

It’s always advised to select the right running shoes if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. There are some reasons behind that advice.

Wearing appropriate running shoes is one of the best ways to prevent plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs when plantar fascia which is the ligament connecting heel bones and toes is inflamed because of repeatedly strain. It could happen to all people from athletes to normal people. The most common cause of plantar fasciitis is inappropriate footwear. When your shoes are too tight, too loose or simply don’t fit your feet, they can’t provide necessary support to your arch and heel, which makes plantar fascia excessively strained and leads to plantar fasciitis. Obviously, high heels and many kinds of fashion shoes don’t help to prevent plantar fasciitis. Among thousands kinds of shoes available, running shoes have the best ability to support and protect your feet. Therefore, wearing right running shoes with good supporting features could prevent this injury effectively.

Without good running shoes, all of other plantar fasciitis treatments could become useless

New Balance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is common injury but unfortunately, it’s difficult to treat. It’s reported that this injury could be cured effectively and fast when patients combines various treatments. Hence, when you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, doctors would recommend you to try many kinds of treatments such as night sprint, shoes insert and physical therapies… However, if you still wear inappropriate shoes to walk or do therapies, your plantar fascia is still put at risk of being strained. In this case, your injury would be worse despite how many treatments you are experiencing. Therefore, in order to make those treatments work, the first thing a plantar fasciitis patient needs is a good pair of running shoes.

Wearing appropriate running shoes is the most effective method to cure plantar fasciitis

It’s true that shoes inserts could provide better heel and arch supporting for plantar fasciitis patients. However, those shoes inserts are not firmly attached to your shoes, so there is possibility that the shoes inserts could move around inside the shoes when you are walking or making some strong movements. In this case, the shoes inserts even worsen your condition. On the other hands, the right running shoes which fit your feet completely could protect and support your heel and arch in every step and motion.

new balance shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Nowadays, due to the increase in the number of plantar fasciitis cases, shoes makers are developing new technologies and applying them in their products to bring better support and protection. However, most of those new supporting features are added into running shoes, not normal comfort shoes. New generation running shoes have adequate amount of cushion and padding which could wrap your feet firmly inside the shoes and reduce the shock. Furthermore, the soles (including midsole and outsole) are made with new technologies to ensure the best arch and heel support. This arch and heel support is reported to get better year after year when shoes makers introduce new technologies and new products to plantar fasciitis patients. There are even shoes which are specially designed not only to give support but also to disperse the impact on heel, arch and knee when walking, running or doing strong movements. Therefore, your feet in general and your plantar fascia in particular will receive proper care and support in every step from the right running shoes. As a result, your plantar fasciitis could improve significantly.

Finally, a single remedy couldn’t cure plantar fasciitis completely. After getting the right running shoes, you should keen on doing many treatments recommended by doctors.

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